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These moonlit Nacreous clouds were captured by DL. S (aka Peace Portal Photo) at McMurdo Station in Ross Island, Antarctica. 

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Life gets a lot easier when you no longer expect anyone to understand you. 

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Der Geologe - Carl Spitzweg (1860)

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When are you dead?

It used to be when your heart stopped beating. Now, we routinely stop the heart during medical procedures. So, we have “brain death” that is when there is no electrical activity in the brain for an extended period of time. Still, it is a judgment call by the doctor.

Even after brain death, when no artificial means are keeping you alive it takes a long time, often days or even weeks, for all of the cells in your body to die. So, the question becomes “what is life”? Your cells are alive, but you are dead. The molecules that make them up are dead. Further, the atoms which make up your body are not alive. They are mostly unchanged since the time of the Big Bang 11 Billion years ago. Your cellular make up changes about every five to seven years, so the material that makes you today was not you seven years ago and most of what is “you” today will be dead, discarded and recycled by 2015.

It is as if the atoms in your body have decided to be “you” for awhile and then in a few years they will decide to be something else, a bacterium, a tree cell, grass or even another human being already alive just as the atoms in yourselves might have been me fifteen years ago.

It is the great flow of energy and matter, changing combining and recombining. New compositions of matter which then decompose and reassemble anew.

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The polar dunes of Mars